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Electric lock


Jewellary Scale-Gold series

Gold Series

Jewellery Scales - Gold series VFD

Gold Series VFD

Access Control System


Access Control System


Audio Door Phone with lock

Audio Door Phone : ADP-101

Jewellery Scales- Sliver series

Silver Smart Series

Jewellery Scales- Silver NPW series

Silver NPW Series

Home Automation Series- Video door phone

Video Door Phone : VDP-103

Remote Lock

Wireless Lock : PWL-RF,BT

door alarm


Shutter Alarm


Tabletop Scales- Smart #series

Smart# Series


Hotel Automation Series-Hotel Room Lock

Hotel Room Lock - PHL Series

Tabletop scale - NPW series

NPW Series

Tabletop scale - New series

NEW Series

Hotel Automation Series-Hotel Room number plate

PRM Series

Tabletop Scales - NE series

NE Series

Tabletop Scales - NES Series

NES Series

Table top scale-smart series

Smart Series

Price Computing Scales-NPC Series

NPC Series

Price Computing Scales-NPC-N Series

NPC-N Series

Platform Scale -NEP series

NEP (PC) Series

Price Computing Scales-NPC-N Series

NEP (PC-N) Series

Piece Counting Scales- NEC series

NEC Series

Counting Scales-NEP c series

NEP (C) Series

Platform Scales- NEP series

NEP Series

Paltform Scale-Wirless platform

Wireless Platform (Without Loadcell Wire)

Platform Scales-Bench scale

NBW Series

Platform Scales-Bench scale

PBW Series

Platform Scales - NEP four load series

NEP Series (Four Load Cells)

Hanging Scales - NHS (ABS) Series

NHS (ABS) Series

Hanging Scales

PHS - # Series

Hanging Scales - NHS Series

NHS Series

Hanging Scales- NHS series crane

NHS Series Crane

Hanging Scales

PHS# with Backlight

Industrial Weighing Scales-Pallate Truck

PPT Series

Industrial Weighing Scales - Milk weighing scale

NMW Series

Industrial Weighing Scales-Weigh bridge

WB Series

Baby Weighing Scales-NBY Series

NBY Series

Baby Weighing Scales- PBY series

PBY Series

Baby Weighing Scales- CGMS series

CGMS Series

Baby Weighing Scales- EPGM series

EPGM Series

Person Weighing Scale

PAS-N Series

Person Weighing Scale

PPS-N Series

Person Weighing Scale

PPS Series

Person Weighing Scales - PPS series

PAS-BT Series

Adult Weighing Scales-NEP Pw series

NEP - PW Series

Weighing Scales -PAS series

PAS Series

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