Mixed Currency Counting Machine


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    • Mix note value counting machine.
    • Sturdy and heavy design combined with modern electronic technology ensures accurate counting and detection of faulty/counterfeit notes.
    • Colour TFT Display and 21-key keyboard provides simple user interface.
    • LCD extra display shows Counted pieces, Amount(Value) and counterfeit parameters.
    • Display flashes red light when a counterfeit note is observed.


    • It shows denomination wise counted pieces and total value.
    • Denomination sort function.
    • Automatic Start, Stop and Clear.
    • Automatically detects faulty/counterfeit notes using UV, MG, IR, 3D and Colour detection while counting.
    • Modes of operation: MIX Mode, SORT Mode, DTEECT Mode, COUNT Mode, BATCH Mode, ADD Mode.
    • Voice and self-examination funcitons.
    • Software can be updated through RS-232 port.
    • Specially designed and developed for Indian currency.
    • Phoenix value counting machine can be connected with a thermal printer and you get detailed report of counted notes. The report shows denomination-wise counted pieces and total value. The report also prints the current date and time. Additionally, you can also print your shop-name as the header of the printed receipt.


    • Counting Speed : >= 1000Pcs/min.
    • Dimentions : 320mm(L) X 250(W)mm X 180mm(H)
    • Net Weight : 6.4 kg
    • Power Supplay : 230 V AC +/-10%, 50Hz +/-2%.
    • Hopper Capacity : 300 pcs
    • Stacker Capacity : 300 pcs
    • Size of countable notes : Width - 50 mm to 110 mm and Length - 90 mm to 190 mm.
    • Power Supply : 230V AC +/- 10%, 50 Hz.


PVC-101 Thermal Printer