NHS (ABS) Series

Hanging Weighing Scale

NHS (ABS) Series

Rs. 0.00/-

  • Main Features

    • 14 mm red bright LED display.
    • Convenient rotating design.
    • 'HOLD' function for locking the display of weight.
    • AC adaptor provided for battery charging.
    • Memory Accumulation.
    • 3.7V 2200 mAH lithium-ion battery(Supplied with scale).
    • Attractive & Sturdy ABS Design.
Models Capacity Accuracy
NHS - 60 60 kg 10.0 g
NHS - 150 150 kg 20.0 g
NHS - 300 300 kg 50.0 g

  • Accessories

    • Detachable extra display with 5 meter cord.
    • Wireless RF extra display.
    • Wireless RF extra indicator.
    • Jumbo Display (Wire/Wireless RF).
    • Green bright LED display.
    • Computer/Printer interface(RS-232 C).
    • IR Remote Control.
    • Bluetooth feature with Android app.
    • USB for Computer Interface.
    • Thermal Printer with Adaptor.

IR Remote Control

NHS Extra Display Green

NHS Extra Display Red

NHS Jumbo Display

NHS RF Inbuilt Printer Indicator Green

NHS RF Inbuilt Printer Indicator Red

NHS RF Jumbo Display

NHS Wireless RF Extra Display Green

NHS Wireless RF Extra Display Red

Thermal Printer