NEP Series

Platform Weighing Scale

NEP Series

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  • Main Features

    • Red bright LED display.
    • Rugged construction with stainless steel platform.
    • Sturdy grill provided to support heavy loads.
    • Angle Setter Assembly for clear visibility.
    • 24-bit ADC (High resolution).
    • Indication for A.C. On, Nett/Gross weight, Zero, Battery, Battery low & count mode.
    • Display intensity adjustable for longer battery back-up
    • Counting function, memory accumulation.
Models Capacity Accuracy Platter Size
NEP-30A 30 kg 2 g 320 X 320 mm
NEP-60A 60 kg 5.0 g 400 X 400 mm
NEP-150A 150 kg 10.0 g 450 X 450 mm
NEP-150A 150 kg 10.0 g 600 X 450 mm
NEP-150A 150 kg 10.0 g 600 X 600 mm
NEP-300A 300 kg 20.0 g 600 X 600 mm
NEP-300A 300 kg 20.0 g 750 X 750 mm
NEP-600A 600 kg 50.0 g 600 X 600 mm
NEP-600A 600 kg 50.0 g 750 X 750 mm
NEP-600A 600 kg 50.0 g 900 X 900 mm
NEP-1000A 1000 kg 100.0 g 750 X 750 mm
NEP-1000A 1000 kg 100.0 g 900 X 900 mm
NEP-2000A 2000 kg 200.0 g 1250 X 1250 mm
NEP-5000A 5000 kg 500.0 g 1500 X 1500 mm
  • Multi-interval instruments (Dual Accuracy Scales) are also available in all platform models.
  • Platform scales of different platter sizes and capacitities can be supplied as per customer's requirement.

  • Check Weigher with 3 LED Indications:

    Packing: Its unique Visual and audio indication help user pack accurately and speedily without getting fatigue.

    Check Weighing: To verify and sort out the pre-packed commodities on weight basis.

    Indicator with LCD Display(21 mm) with Backlight:

    It provide clear visibility/readability in outdoor right daylight as well as in low light indoor conditions. Its user -friendly backlight ON/OFF feature provides power saving & longer battery back-up.

    Indicator with USB Host Port:

    The unique feature allows to save memory of 2000 batches with date & time and can transferred to Pen-Drive. The data on pen-drive can be accessed in Excels on PC for further data processing.

    Inbuilt Printer:

    Indicator with thermal In-built printer provides printed slips in various formats.

    Price Computing/Piece Counting:

    Platform Scales with Price Computing or Piece counting features.

    Indicator with large LED display(20mm):

    It provides better readability and attractive looks.

    Wireless Indicator with Radio frequency:

    Wireless extra display can be placed upto 50 meters from main Indicator. Multiple number of wireless displaycan be paired with single indicator.


    • Adaptor box with rechargeable battery.
    • 6V, 4 AH rechargeable SMF battery.
    • 7.4V,1.5 AH Li-Ion battery with charger.
    • Solar Panel (either mounted on indicator or with separate stand).
    • Phoenix Bluetooth APP.
    • Detachable extra display at 5 meters / Rear Side Display.
    • Wireless RF Extra Display.
    • Wireless RF Indicator.
    • Jumbo Display (with wire or wireless).
    • Green/Blue bright LED display.
    • 20mm Red/Green Display.
    • Computer/Printer interface(RS-232 C).
    • IR remote Control.
    • USB for computer interface.
    • USB Host Port.
    • 3 LED indications for Check Weighing.
    • Inbuilt Thermal Printer.
    • Real-Time Clock.
    • Wall mounting stand for indicator.
    • Tripole Stand.


Adaptor Box with Battery

NEP Extra Display With Wire Green

NEP Jumbo Display

NEP Jumbo RF Display

NEP Rear Side Display Green

NEP Rear Side Display Red

NEP RF Indicator

NEP Tripole Stand

NEP Wall Mounting Display

NEP Wireless RF Extra Display

NEP Wireless RF Extra Display Green

Phoenix Bluetooth App

Solar Panel with Stand