Milk Weighing System:NMW Series

Milk Weighing System

NMW Series

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    • Microprocessor based fully electronic weighing system.
    • Rechargeable battery & charger in-built.
    • Display weight in kilograms as well as volume in liters.
Models Capacity Accuracy
NMW-300 300 kg 100.0 g
NMW-600 600 kg 200.0 g


    • Adaptor Box with Battery.
    • 6 V, 4 AH rechargeable SMF battery.
    • 7.4V,1.5 AH Li-Ion batterywith charger.
    • Solar Panel.
    • Phoenix Bluetooth APP.
    • Wireless RF extra display.
    • Wireless RF Indicator.
    • Green/Blue Bright Display.
    • Jumbo display(Wired/Wireless RF).
    • Computer/Printer Interface (RS232-C).
    • USB Port for computer interface.
    • USB Host Port.
    • Real Time Clock.
    • Inbuilt Printer.
    • Wall Mounting Stand.
  • Note: Milk Weighing Bowl to be arranged by customer.

Adaptor Box with Battery

NMW Jumbo Diplay

NMW RF Indicator

NMW Wall Mounting Display

NMW Wireleess RF Extra Display Green

NMW Wireless RF Extra Display Red

NMW Wireless RF Jumbo Display

Phoenix Bluetooth App

Solar Panel with Stand